As a trained chef and mum of three trying to juggle work and create more time for life midweek, I batch cook and freeze meals to prepare for the days when I’m in a pickle! The truth is, there are times when we all need easy, naturally delicious, organic meals to hand.


Why choose Pickle Organic?

✔ Slow Cooked for Flavour

✔ Microwave in Minutes

✔ Portion Control

✔ Resealable Pack

✔ No Food Waste

✔ Certified Organic

✔ 100% Natural

✔ Low Sugar & Salt

✔ 100% Irish Beef & Lamb

✔ Handmade in Ireland

Why Organic?

✔ No Artificial Colours & Preservatives

✔ No Routine Antibiotics

✔ No GM

✔ No Pesticides

✔ Always Free Range